This book is over twenty years in the making and will continue to grow Lord willing. This compiled work is a mitzvah and will be ongoing until YHWH determines otherwise.

It’s also completely free for the global public, as long as you do not utilize for any commercial purpose. The gospel of Jesus the Messiah was freely given and so is this work.

My journey in faith, family, and business has led me through ups and downs just as any individual struggling to find the meaning of life within the world we live.

I played the part of Jonah for many years. Moses heeded the calling of YHWH when he was 80, fortunately that wasn’t the case for me, but I spent many years wandering a desert of my own desires.

I’ve somehow always known the existence of YHWH. Since my earliest memories as a child, I knew He was non-fiction. As a child growing up it was common place to have toy soldiers. I would lose my favorite guys running around as children do.

I vividly remember asking YHWH – pleading with Him, to find my lost soldier’s and restore them to me. There was never a doubt about the existence of YHWH, just whether or not He would give back my soldiers! Innocence is bliss.

That same innocence fades as we become adults. In America, the care for monetary gain overshadows our moral aptitude as our hunger for the things of the world intensify. In my short time I have learned directly from various cultures of people: Korean, African, Indian, Bedouin, Lebanese, Mexican, Polish, and many more. I have physically trained hundreds of personality types from all walks of life, average individual to professional boxers, MMA fighters, and military.

My lineage is a mixed bag. I do not claim pure genetic DNA as the many crazies out there. My last name is born out of antisemitism during the Partitions of Poland long before the term “Jewish” came to be known in English literature. I believe in the one true God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, YHWH and His anointed (HaMashiach) Messiah, EaShoa, Isa in Arabic, and Jesus as He is referred to in English.

I did not come to God through a preacher, rabbi, or someone converting me. YHWH made His word known to me directly and although I stubbornly refused for years, His patience and good will endured, even in times where I should have been completely forsaken.

If I were to be judged under Torah, rather than the mercy of YHWH, I would have perished many times over. How I am alive this day is in itself a miracle from God. A gift to me, that I know He has caused me to live for the glorification of His name.

When I first read the gospels, I was reading what was already in my soul, placed there by YHWH. His light was manifest through the writings as recorded over the centuries.

I believed and asked Mashiach to forgive me of my sins and my evil – all my wrong doing. According to Torah I could receive forgiveness of my sins through the Messiah Jesus rather than through the pretend attempts at mitzvot, which none of us can possibly follow without korbanot as so many erroneously pretend to do.

Deliverance from apostate teaching for me was accomplished through reading the Book of Acts, the very book apostates try so hard to discredit and continually fail to do.

The book of Acts is an instruction manual. I followed the instructions of our forefather, an actual Israelite named Peter who lived in the Levant, knew Torah, and personally walked amidst the Beis HaMikdash. Modern Judaic revisionists choose to follow rabbi’s from 12th century France, arguing they know the Tanakh and culture better than those who actually lived there!

I choose to follow the real prophets and the real Mashiach, declared over a thousand years before their “new concepts” compiled in Talumd tractate came about. Mind you these ideologies came from those living outside Israel in diaspora (judgment). And no Israelite is allowed to live in Egypt, let alone setup a six generation dynasty as nagid.

Peter, a descendant from the real Israel stated in Jerusalem, “Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of HaMashiach Jesus for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. For the promise is to you and to your children, and to all who are afar off, as many as the Lord our God will call.” Acts 2:38-39

Reading this, naturally, I also wanted this Holy Spirit, or in modern Hebrew, Ruach Hakodesh. I didn’t try to argue with what Peter was saying, or think about this scientifically. I simply believed what Peter and Jesus had said as I was reading it. I was in my living room reading this and just asked out loud saying,

“Lord, send this Holy Spirit to me,” and BOOM It hit me like an ocean wave!

I was pinned to my chair and began praising YHWH in different languages in rapid succession. The feeling was so overwhelmingly powerful of love and peace as if this would consume you. I could not stand up. The feeling was as if ocean waves of the most powerful feeling of love roll over your whole body. This went on for about half an hour until I was released.

Many misrepresent this as some sexual experience or attempt to degrade the holiness of YHWH through personal opinion of what millions have received, which also seals their doom by speaking against the Spirit of Elohim.

Naturally after experiencing the Holy Spirit land on you, you have a different take on the world, and what people say. Of course, once you have this experience, that Jesus is the Messiah by proof of the Holy Spirit and miracles, all the lies of hell and those who pretend they know God, goes right out the window.

All religions preach merits of salvation through belief in books and perculiar men, but YHWH actually places His Spirit upon those in whom He chooses, to make it known the difference between the liars and those whom the Lord chooses to teach or instruct humanity.

After YHWH makes you elect, the only person that knows better is yourself and those our Father send into our lives according to His blessing. Those who claim to be teachers, anointed preachers, and good men I have found to be massive frauds over the years.

Today, our very persecutors and accusers tell us we are having a “mental breakdown” or simply speaking gibberish as a cult – exactly the same as the millions in history who have experienced the same thing simply by following the instruction manual of God.

And after 2,000 years of failure to stop God rebellious creatures turn unto their own to rend a flock in pieces with communities who praise transgender ideology, same sex marriage, filthy entertainment, propaganda psychosis, while reveling in ficticious belief of being some chosen higher form of DNA – pure madness, similar to the third Reich and undoubtedly where the idolatry sprang from.

These same persona say that shoa was antisemitism of men rather than judgment in diapsora for our rebellion of which only those family like Zawada who suffered such under Hitler and antisemitism should have an opinion on.

There is only one that is good and that is God.

Once YHWH reveals Himself to you personally, all the theory, commentary by sages, revered theologians, rabbis, academic arguments, and peoples opinion about God become as useful as dead leaves.

That’s just the truth.

Most pretend to know YHWH, based off what someone else said in history, never having received His Spirit directly upon themselves.

It’s the difference between truth and lie, or assumption verse fact.

It’s no different than someone trying to explain what it’s like going on the worlds biggest roller coaster, having never rode it. When you tell them you rode it, they laugh and say, “C’mon, no you didn’t” and continue to tell you what they imagine it to be like.

Worse, the frauds use their academic achievements, status, and misguided understanding of scripture to mock or downplay those who actually serve YHWH or those who have received His spiritual anointment.

Years ago, I was a teacher for hand 2 hand combat with weapons. I had many students over the years; all types of body structures. One guy in particular, six foot five, 300+ pounds. We’ll call him Bill.

Bill, being a new student had alot to learn. One day, I said to him,

“Bill, I’m going to take the gun out of your hand and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.” He says, “Yeah…ok.”

I say, “grip the gun as hard as you can with your ham sized fists,” which he does, and I say, “ok, you ready?”

A split second later, I am holding the gun and he is staring at me dumbfounded.

He says, “I never would have believed you could do that in a million years.”

It’s the same when talking about the Holy Spirit and Jesus the Messiah, especially to my Jewish brethren.

People have it in their mind, arrogance, or pride, or just have been conditionally trained since childhood to reject Jesus as the Messiah so they won’t ask for the Holy Spirit through Jesus. They’ll pretend they know YHWH God, like the person who pretends he knows how to fight.

A person will think in their mind they can fight until facing a trained opponent and then will be humbled!

Bill believed in his mind that since he was twice my size and strength, there was no way for me to disarm him – Bill was wrong, as are those who deny Jesus as Mashiach.

YHWH provides the Holy Spirit free of charge through His Son Jesus, but you have to ask YHWH to receive.

You can tell someone a hundred times, it doesn’t mean they’ll listen, or ever ask for themselves. They can live their entire lives never knowing what Elohim Spirit is like, never knowing His presence simply because they refuse to follow the instruction and ask.

If you are unwilling to ask, then you’ll never receive, unless YHWH decides otherwise. Again, the Holy Spirit isn’t something you earn, or receive by doing charity, or by being what we call tamiym or a Tzadik – YHWH grants the Holy Spirit to those who ask to receive it through Mashiach.

I don’t understand why this is so difficult to contemplate, but that is the way YHWH made it. Not everyone can be like Elijah and according to Elohim they will continue to choose Baal. In fact many think they can buy a ticket to heaven through charity and saying “I’m sorry” once a year when the very requirements of saying sorry have been removed from your ability to do so.

Have mercy on your children God of our father Abraham! Open their eyes and open their ears that they may receive your healing YHWH, for the deceptions are grievous to behold.

All you need is YHWH Torah as preserved throughout history, the words of His Messiah Jesus of Nazareth, and Ruach HaKodesh, the Holy Spirit of which only can be received through whom you reject HaMashiach Jesus, the Son of YHWH.

Anyone who tells you different is selling snake oil or has an agenda.

It is only my Fathers voice and opinion that matters, none other.

If you need an interpreter for God, or a middle man, that’s too bad, I do not.

And neither does anyone who receives the Spirit of YHWH directly through HaMashiach Jesus. HaMashiach means the anointed. That is what Jesus is, the anointed King of all things, who has wonderful mighty power – to do anything.

So after YHWH had enlightened me with His Spirit, I began working and learning in the things of Eloheinu.

One night I had a dream. People were running all around me and so I started running. I could feel this powerful presence coming up behind me like the size of a mountain. I turned around to look, but the presence was too powerful and I fell to the ground covering my face in dread.

I was frozen at the mighty power and I could not turn to look, nor speak.

Then YHWH was upon me and spoke saying, “Finish the work which was started.” His voice sounded as many waters or oceans speaking. As if His voice were the culmination of all things speaking at once. And I awoke. That was over twenty years ago.

Although it has taken many years, many backsliding, much disobedience on my part, here is work of which I was commanded to do.

I thank God for not abandoning me in my insubordination. First by providing forgiveness of my sins through His anointed, Jesus Mashiach, and second by not forsaking me in all my years of doing wrong and running from serving Him.

He has blessed me, shown me miracles, made me experience both poverty and abundance; frailty and might. God’s love and mercy are long suffering, patient, generous (even when it shouldn’t be), peaceful, and provides a way of escape or triumph in the most extreme of measures.

Without His son Jesus, I could not have come to YHWH, due to my plentiful evil deeds from my youth. Korbanot was not an option as there is no Temple, YHWH had already ended that life, and all the pretend remedies from “teachers” were from men more lost than I was. Quite honestly, I should be dead, but God spared me. I was a child who grew up and became a lost soul very quickly, like so many of you out there.

Through the long foretold prophecy of a Messiah that would save mankind, I found redemption, deliverance, and reconnection to my creator. That is what the Mashiach Jesus the anointed of YHWH provides – a doorway back to Him, our true Father. It is my hope a door will be opened for you.

Within this documentation pivotal historical events which have changed the course of humanity are discussed from a Judaistic and Christian theologic position for the purpose of providing your soul a choice. Not based on what has been brain washed into you from your youth, but from truth. Historic truth and reality.

Truth is the essence shadowed in the culture we live today.

Everything you see, everything you read, and are told – a manipulation of truth. Your soul deserves the truth laid out thousands of years ago. The world we live in is both beautiful and layered with deceit.

The population wakes up everyday to the lies spoon fed minute by minute in every aspect of life from family tradition, education, employment, media and entertainment, and from our parents ingrained since their youth.

I have always been struck at the different beliefs people have in God, whether theism, or opposite, atheism. Quite frankly, from what I have been through in my life, I could never understand how anyone could be atheist.

I’ve heard many a person say, “I have never seen a miracle, or anything that proves God to exist.” How sad to live this way – to never experience a moment knowing God. Never having God reveal Himself to you.

Those who claim they are the only authority to YHWH, the only true knowledge of YHWH, are simply lost souls who have never found Him. The damned always offer the suffering they partake – so others will suffer right along with them.

This is always sold as a benefit to you morally, financially, and culturally through tradition – “the way it always has been,” you are told.

When in reality it is the blind following the blind. It’s a choice being a battery to power the matrix. The universal wish is that your soul will be doomed along with all those ultimately destined for that end.

You have the choice – yours alone.

It is my hope, through my experience and what I have learned – the door will open for you – for your escape. At least have a chance to walk through, see the other side, and receive the blessings that only YHWH can give.

May YHWH bless you and to His name be glory and power forever. Praise be to the lamb, Jesus the real Messiah!

May He allow you to receive His peace, joy in your life, and wonderful deliverance from eternal death, amen.

YHWH, my God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob be glory and praise forever and to His lamb Jesus be praise, power, and glory to our Mashiach.

Daniel Joseph Zawada

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